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Overcome Risk Adjustment clinical documentation challenges to make your patients feel better while meeting your financial goals.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage you to focus on the patient's health status and document the patient's health information accurately.

Ensure your Medical Practice receives credit for its chronically ill patients where credit is due.

The Best Approach is to Focus on
the ACCURACY of the

Patient's Health Status.

While driving your car, taking a walk in the park, or relaxing in your rocking chair, you can now enjoy listening to your audiobook and learn..,

It is an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals, coders, auditors, and anyone involved in the Medicare Risk Adjustment process. 

You are a medical Doctor, a Physician Assistant, a Nurse Practitioner, or a medical Auditor or Coder..... you need to familiarize yourself with the Risk Adjustment field.

24 Videos to learn How To Identify Opportunities To IMPROVE
Patient Risk Adjustment ACCURACY

This audiobook is the easiest way to understand Medicare Risk adjustment, the ways to improve risk adjustment documentation accuracy,.

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