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Physical reality: Is it an illusion or a concrete term?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

So often, I witness people arguing: <<this is not real>>, <<this is real>>, << it is all in your head>>, << It is your mind playing game with you>>. Everyone sees the world differently, and there is various comprehension of physical reality. According to Google, it is about things that can be touched and seen rather than ideas or spoken words. But how many times we heard someone said he saw something, but someone else close to him saw nothing? Therefore the Google definition is not complete.

Last night I was listening to someone that I can call a wise man. He was talking about what physical reality means to him. The way he described physical reality was exciting to me. That is why I would like to share with you his thought on this topic. He started by saying:

<< There are five laws of existence:

Law I: You exist.

Law II: Everything is here and now.

Law III: The one is the all, and all are the one.

Law IV: What you put out is what you get back.

Law V: Everything changes, except for the first four laws.

Once you understand that foundation, you will precisely understand how existence works; you will precisely realize how to create the reality you prefer. Physical reality is a reflection of your state of being, your state of consciousness.

There is nothing outside of you. You are not really in physical reality. Physical reality is within you; it is within your consciousness. It is a concept that you are experiencing yourself from a particular perspective.

However, we understand that how you have chosen to experience your particular physical experience dimension is like you are within a realm of space and time. You have taken your energy, the high-frequency energy of your spiritual nature, and you have lowered that frequency, crystallized it down into what you call the experience of physical reality.

So the thing to remember, to give yourself more opportunities to choose and experience the kind of physical reality you prefer, is to begin to see and experience physical reality as a reflection similar to the idea of the reflection that exists in a mirror. You know, when you look at yourself in a mirror, you are not really over there. And you know that if you want to change the reflection in the mirror, you do not go to the reflection and attempt to make it change. You must change yourself.

So physical reality, being a reflection, operates in much the same kind of modality. Any change you wish to see in so-called REFLECTION, the outer reality, must begin within the inner reality, which is you within your consciousness, within your vibration, within your state of being.

It is all based on the state of being. It does not matter that it might be a physicalized component or a physicalized reflection that you call chemistry or physics. They are still just reflections of what you already believe in your consciousness to be true for you. So it is all based on beliefs, based on consciousness, based on vibration, based on resonance, based on the state of being.

That is why we say circumstances do not matter; only the state of being does because it is the state of being that creates circumstances. Circumstances do not create a state of being. It is the other way around.>>

These words were the point of view of a wise man regarding physical reality. If we really understand what he said, we can conclude that someone who believes in his dream will see all the elements, he needs to build his new future, presented to him like enchantment: this is synchronicity.

How powerful are our thoughts! They are frequency, they are vibration.

I learn my lessons:

  • Always believe in my dream.

  • Never give up.

  • Stand up and start over after a fall.

What do you think? Can you, from now on, start to build your own future by thinking about it positively?

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Thank you.


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Oct 01, 2020

Thank you for your feedback.


Line Belony
Line Belony
Oct 01, 2020

I think, God is the positivity,. If you believe in God and you are a negative person, you are faking, maybe involuntary. cause some churches don’t teach people about the power of positive thoughts, words, and actions. When the Bible says if you have a very small faith you can move mountains, it’s true, but you go to church every single day and you are still cannot move your mountains. Why? It’s all about negativity. The within is God if you look for him inside of you, and you can create big with Him.


Sep 30, 2020

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


That was a mouthful trying to read. I almost confused myself and had to read it twice to make sure I understood what I was reading. As I read this blog it reminded me a lot of the law of attraction. What you put out is what you get back. So a man think so is he. Our thought, feeling, and what we believe can have an impact on our everyday life. However, As a Christian I cannot remove God and his perfect design for me. I believe he can intervene at anytime as he so desires. God is in total control. God has a sovereign and perfect plan for us.

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