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It's all up to you

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Where does the thought go, the energy goes.

If you want to grow, get out of your comfort zone.

Stop waiting, keep moving, and start taking action.

If you don't move, if you don't take action you will get atrophied physically and mentally.

Start thinking positively to get positive energy effects. If you start thinking about it, you can make it happen. Thought has been shown to affect the matter; the placebo effect is a great example.

Life is a big school. Mistakes and failures are not bad things when we learn from them to guide our next move and decide to stand up and try harder. We should be able to learn something new every day, at least every week. If this is not the way we live, it assumes that we keep repeating the same thing every day, and we keep doing the same routine all day. Same book, same news, same conversations, same topic...It is like we have been programmed like a robot with no room for evolution. Since we repeatedly do the same routine, we live our past every day without any possibility of progress.

Today we know that every time you learn something for the first time, new neural connections are created in your brain, which reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

I want to share one of Jeff Lerner's Youtube videos with you, where Rachel Luna, a breast cancer survivor, was the guest. She explained how a woman with breast cancer could heal herself by adopting a different alternative therapeutic approach. She said:

<< Do you want only to enjoy the moment or have a long healthy life?

It is all up to you.>>

Thank you to Luna for sharing her experiences. And thank you to Jeff Lerner for having her in his show.

Here is Jeff Lerner's Youtube link:




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