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I am type C personality....

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

They always say we are all made of flesh and blood, and we are all equal. But are we all the same?

We all have the same anatomical structures and similar physiological functions but do we have the same physical and intellectual abilities?

We went to the same schools and learned the same academic concepts, but we have all opted for different professions.

We are all different with our different feelings, dreams, goals, passions, and qualities. We are all different because of our distinct personalities.

Know someone well is to know someone's personality. There are four personality types (A, B, C, D), and each person is a unique combination of them. Learning how to identify people by personality type can bring a higher level of understanding to interpersonal relationships.

I am a Type C personality, and a psychologist will describe my (Type C) personality as the following:

People with type C personalities are perfectionists, always consistent with their work, and never break the rules.

Type C-personalities are known to be "emotionally repressed" because they find it challenging to share their emotions and needs with other people. Because of this, they often come across as seemingly uncaring, which can look similar to the "I don't care" attitude.

People with this type of personality are true introverts.

They strongly prefer meaningful interaction with one or two other people over small talk with a crowd because they are very deep thinkers.

Similarly, they would prefer to be an expert on one subject than know much superficial information about various topics.

When working on a project, they can sit down and concentrate for hours, and they have a fantastic ability to focus. They especially excel at this when they are in their own space with no distractions or interruptions.

Because introverts are overwhelmed by too many stimuli, they are often keen on the minor details of things that others might overlook.

As introverts, Type C-personalities need to be alone to think when they feel overwhelmed. Often, they will seek out a serene place to sit and think.

Type C-personalities are very detail-oriented and prefer being involved in controlled and stable tasks rather than tasks with no direction.

They strive for accuracy and logic. Irrational people will bother type C people because they find that having strong emotions makes it very difficult or even impossible to be logical.

Due to their attention to detail, C-personalities strive to create original and unique work in whatever they are doing.

They make sure to be meticulously prepared with every detail to reduce anyone's chances of disagreeing with them. Type C-personalities are great candidates for any job that requires creativity based on patience, facts, and precision.

People with this type of personality are also deep thinkers who like to get to the bottom of things by asking questions like "why" or "how" something works.

Type C-personalities like to keep things in order.

They are motivated and driven by outcomes and are strict about following policies and procedures to get the job done right.

They work carefully to gather facts and use all of their resources to look at every aspect of an issue before deciding to take a stand. They are well prepared if anyone chooses to challenge them.

Other people trying to sell a C-personality on something through emotional reasoning often fail because a C-personality would consider this person to be full of hype and think about the possible facts hidden by the hype.

Their extreme skepticism and their constant use of logic to make decisions objectively mean that the use of emotion rarely sways them.

To effectively communicate with someone who has a Type C personality, it is best to use formal and almost "business-like" language and tone. Being clear and concise will always be appreciated by a Type C-personality.

Type C-personalities are objective. They are only concerned with the facts, which makes them great in strategic and executive positions.

Due to their introverted nature, they may not naturally take the lead, but once they are in a leadership position, they lead naturally by the example they set of their high-quality work.

Type C-personalities prefer to work individually rather than working on a team.

Type C-personalities don't worry about feelings or emotions too much — if facts can't prove it, it's not very important to the Type C-personalities.

However, C-personalities who are especially self-aware do understand the critical dynamics of working in a team environment and can effectively give insight for the strategy portion of a project and a thorough, yet objective viewpoint when decisions need to be made quickly.

Type C-personalities are strongly motivated by quality and preciseness.

They tend to thrive when they hear praises they have earned from their co-workers but are not overly concerned with receiving public recognition.

The most effective way to acknowledge a Type C-personalities hard work is to keep giving them a flexible place to formulate plans for unusual, new, exciting solutions.

Vagueness and uncertainty stress out those who have a Type C-personality.

Missing information, uncertain roles, a lack of planning, or simply having too many mistakes without the necessary time to analyze and comprehend what went wrong will cause Type C-personalities to shut down. Having to multitask will also stress Type C-personalities out because they don't believe they can deliver the best outcome if they have to focus on more than one thing at a time.

We have just described the characteristic image of the type C personality. I want you to have a sense of the personality type of people around you because this is vital in truly connecting with them.

Not understanding people's personality type may be causing you to judge them or misperceive their intentions.

On the other hand, identifying Monsieur X's personality type will allow you to know the best way to effectively communicate with him, ask him for a service, and work with him without any issues.

For employers looking for ways to improve employee hiring and retention, identifying people by personality type is essential. Since identifying people by Personality Type is a great way to enhance employees' performance, Managers should be aware of it for any business or company's benefits. Employers and managers will use their employees' full potential and ability and facilitate their evolution and growth in the business or company. And team members or family members will get along better.

Know the personality type of your friend, employee, spouse...and it will be easier to communicate.

What is your personality type?


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Great topic. My personality is in line with Type B, and also identified myself in other types as well. While my personal opinion is this is a great excercise, also am curious to what happened to "accepting others as they are, embrassing the differences?" Every human I've ever meet or had interaction with are different, have gifts, strengths, weakness. My current career as a medical coder gives me an opportunity to open a window to providers see a new picture, that may or may not apply, response is a key factor in the success of agreeing or denying this window. Currently in an "accepting stage" and hopeful my B personality shall shine in my favor for OUR success. Tha…

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