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Correlation between Vitamin D and Covid-19 infection (Part 1)

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Professor Roger Seheult, MD, has advocated for Vitamin D as a possible way to prevent SEVERE covid-19 infections. A lot of medical publications seem to support the potential connection between Vit D and covid-19.

Dr. Roger has talked about Vit D as a potential therapeutic agent for covid -19 since March 2020. He demonstrated evidence for Vit D deficiency in acute chest infections such as influenza.

Vit D is not just a VITAMIN but also a hormone, more especially a steroid hormone that can affect RNA transcriptional change into the nucleus. It can change the way our cells behave.

Vit D is not just involved in Calcium and Phosphorus's metabolism like we used to think in the past; it is so much more than that. We know there are Vit D receptors in the cells type of the immune system: the Leukocytes or White Blood Cells.

How can we get Vit D?

We can not get enough Vit D without sunlight or getting a dietary supplement form. We can eat it through fish oil, egg yolks, red meat, or take pills.

The majority of us get Vit D from the sun's ultraviolet B radiation that penetrates deep down into the dermis (skin), where a cholesterol product is converted into Vitamin D. How long do we spend outdoors in the sun?

Not enough since most of the time we are in our office, our residence, or in a vehicle. What is worse, in the wintertime, the sun is not as high in the sky as it should be to get that direct radiation of ultraviolet B. And for those living above the 35th parallel in the Northern hemisphere or living in the Southern hemisphere, this can be a very significant issue since the sun radiation comes at an angle that prevents them from getting good exposure.

Some people think this is why viral infections are frequent in the winter when we have less sun exposure.

Besides inadequate exposure to sunlight, being obese, or having kidney disease can also lead to Vitamin D deficiency. Our Vitamin D level must be higher if... (To be continued in the next publication next week)


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