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I want to share something I read from the book << American Medical Association, Risk Adjustment Documentation and coding, 2nd edition, 2020>> on page 65:

"RA coders require an extended knowledge of anatomy and pathophysiology in order to link diagnoses for MEAT. For example, signs and symptoms pertinent in a physical examination that relate to a patient with COPD in the problem list might include the use of neck muscles during breathing; barrel chest; bluish tinge to nail beds; and clubbing of fingers, or in very severe cases, cachexia........Similarly, medical coders must have a deeper understanding of pharmacology, and access to a reliable reference resource for drugs or medications to be able to link diagnosis to prescription drugs when the physician does not provide the link."

Therefore, a little knowledge of anatomy and physiology will be beneficial to the MRA coders (and Auditors) skill set.

Here are some helpful books:

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