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The Value of La Ste-Famille MRA Auditing

Let’s Succeed Together
Overcome Risk Adjustment clinical documentation challenges to make your patients feel better while meeting your financial goals.

Welcome! We provide all the tools, guidance, and support our clients need to achieve their goal which is good documentation that supports their Patients'  chronic and acute conditions so they can be validated by the Medicare Advantage Organization (MAO).

Our ultimate goal is to encourage you to focus on the patient's health status and

document the patient's health information accuracy.

Ensure your Medical Practice receives credit for its chronically
ill patients where
credit is due
by Promoting 
Valid documentation that paints
the correct clinical picture
of the patients.


Improving your office's Risk Adjustment Clinical Documentation can be challenging for you; we are here to lighten the load off your shoulders.

We are honest and positive professionals whose first priority is always the interests of our clients by providing them with the appropriate training and education. Since 2018, La Ste-Famille MRA Auditing has been serving loyal clients in Florida - get in touch to start enjoying our services today.


Five-Module Digital Course 

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 We reveal exactly how to IMPROVE your office Risk Adjustment Documentation and RAF Accuracy.
By the time you're done with this course,
you will
understand so much more clearly why certain
Risk Adjustment medical practices are thriving and
why others are struggling.
You will
understand why your private medical practice did not get the results you had hoped for.

The Perfect Ingredients

Your eBook, our Step-by-step Process 

To Improve Your

Risk Adjustment Clinical Documentation

So that You Get

Better Patients Care and 

Appropriate Reimbursement.

Our services include Risk Adjustment (RA) medical records review and RA Clinical Documentation training for healthcare providers and medical coders to ensure documentation paints the Accurate Health Status of patients.

Patients will receive better care since appropriate funding will be available for their care management. 

If there is not enough time to read,  

your AUDIObook is more convenient 

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The Verity of Your Health
La Vérité sur Votre Santé
The Verity of Your Health
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